PUBG Mobile Update

Those who regularly play online shooters now how hard it is to score a cherished victory. But if you aren’t afraid of challenges, PUBG is a game for you! First, you’ll jump out of the plane and land at a certain point on a huge map, then search the area, find a weapon and start the battle not for life, but for death with hundreds of players like you. The last survivor (or survivors, no one has canceled the team mode) becomes the winner and receives the due Battle Points, for which you can buy boxes with things with new update.

At the same time, you should not forget that sitting on the sidelines will not work, since the playing field is gradually narrowing. Getting out of it doesn’t guarantee instant death, but the character’s health outside the blue dome will be gradually taken away. That is why matches in PUBG are very dynamic and usually don’t take more than thirty minutes of real time. Pretty convenient if you want to kill half an hour without getting stuck in the game for the rest of the day.

In the latest version that is now available on smartphones and tablets, the character finally learned to overcome obstacles, and all sorts of flimsy wooden fences ceased to be a significant obstacle. It sounds ridiculous, but a simple system with a little parkour changes the gameplay of PUBG, making it more dynamic and faster. For example, you can get into a house through a window without attracting attention. So, open and closed doors now mean absolutely nothing – an enemy armed to the teeth can quietly wait for you in the house, which, upon a cursory examination from the outside, won’t arouse any suspicion. As you can see, PUBG has become even more exciting and available! Play it online with your friends without letting your mobile device out of your hands!

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