PUBG Mobile Zombies

Many popular PC games have already made their way to mobile platforms and PUBG is no exception. Let’s find out how well the developers have preserved the gameplay features and opportunities of the original version on your smartphone! It should be noted that PUBG Mobile received the same types and skins of weapons, vehicles and in-game items. The map was also recreated as accurately as possible: after spending a few hours in the game, comparing it with the desktop version, you won’t find any differences. There are as many trees in the forests, the same width of the rivers and even the identical interior of houses with zombies.

It is not very convenient to play on the touch screen of the smartphone, but it is still possible if the interface is configured correctly. The game has six types of controls: three for the car and three for walking. Each option can be customized. For example, move the shooting button or increase the stick for running direction. The same can be done with the machine control interface. The gyroscope is not involved in the game. With it you can’t control the car, the direction of the race or the position of the sight. By the way, shooting in mobile PUBG isn’t very difficult – in the default settings AIM is activated, which helps to quickly point at the target.

Of course, the game is worth your attention: dynamic gameplay, multiplayer for 100 users, the ability to create a team of four people are very cool for a mobile game. However, matches may seem too long for some. If you managed to live to the end and get into the top 10, then you have been playing PUBG Mobile for at least 20 minutes. For a mobile project, this is a lot, because it isn’t always possible to have time to finish the game on the way to work in the subway or taxi. But if time isn’t of an issue for you, then you should definitely check it out!

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