Online games don’t stand still and it also concerns PUBG. The legendary multiplayer shooter has recently got an update that brought in some new features. You can find out more about them playing this version of PUBG online! Now available on mobile phones, the game challenges the user to survive in a massive combat. PUBG emulator is based on a well-known film adaptation of the book The Royal Battle, where a group of people is trying to stay alive on an uninhabited island.

The maximum number of people that can take part in the tournament simultaneously is 100. After landing on the terrain player, a duo of players or a team start fighting against each other on a gradually decreasing map. The winner gets a chance to see on his screen the long-awaited and extremely rare “winner winner chicken dinner”.

There are also a few updates offering new options for the player. Breaking through the limbs is implemented (if the character’s arms or legs cover the head, the bullets will inflict full damage, as if hit in the head). Changing the sharpness of the graphics is added as a separate parameter in the settings. You can also mute the microphone of individual players while in the game. Besides, there are now improved separation stacks loot. The sound of transport when driving from the first person became quieter. You can now configure the FPS limit (including the “unlimited” value). It also became possible to separately configure the FPS restriction during the match and in the lobby.

Probably the most interesting addition is the function Killer Spectate, which allows players after death to observe how the opponent who killed them continues the contest. When they kill them, the surveillance continues to the player who eliminated them, and so on. On the other hand, if no one kills a player, they can simply follow those near them, and even tell these players that they are near, with the help of the R command. The escape mode is triggered by the Death Cam mode. This is only the beginning of the list that continues on and on. Play PUBG online to find out more!

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