PUBG is a new game in the genre of Battle Royale. Your main task is to survive among a hundred of opponents on a huge deserted island. There is weapon and ammunition scattered throughout the map and you can search the structures that you will find in the forest to equip with all the stuff you require. After that, you can plunge into the battle or wait out in a safe place until the other players start killing each other. The choice of tactics is up to you. The most important thing is to remain alive.

The game starts with you and your opponents flying over the island on a plane. Make sure to select the landing point in the area with good loot spawn and sight field. If your plane follows another trajectory, choose spots on the map with just a few houses, because too many players tend to land in the cities.

Once on the ground, it’s necessary to arm yourself with powerful weapons and reliable armor as quickly as possible. It’s most convenient to pick the elements of equipment, boosters and weapons through the “Tab” key. Aside from opening the list of all the items that are found nearby, you will also clearly see the bullet caliber, the names of all modules and so on. That will considerably simplify and speed up the process of looting. You just have to to click the required items to get them with cheats.

So, the game is going on and you already have a helmet and a gun. But you suddenly find something new. For instance, another backpack. Don’t in a hurry to walk by. Better check out its condition and level. However, you should note that a first level item in excellent condition can turn out to be worse than a third level item in a bad condition.

Never ignore helmets! Make sure to put one on, it will give you another chance if you’re shot in the head. The helmet will disappear, but you’ll save your life. By the way, helmets of first and second level protect only from headshots. If the enemy fires directly in your face, you can rely only on a third level helmet.

Your goal is complicated by the fact that there is a so called safe area that constantly gets narrower. This zone is marked by blue color. If you step outside it, your health will decrease. That makes the opponents move ever closer to each other and even if you prefer careful stealth to reckless massacre, you are unlikely to avoid an open confrontation in the end. There is a lot more to find out about PUBG. Play it online, see for yourself and discover your own tricks!

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