PUBG 3 is an analogue of a computer game, which is adapted for a smartphone. Excellent graphics, developed locations, a lot of weapons and equipment – all this is PUBG. To start, create your character, the editor has many options. After choosing the hero’s appearance and clothing we get to the main menu. It has a lot of settings, chat, game mode and so on. There are two main modes – Classic and Arcade. In classic mode, you can choose one of two huge maps and the composition of the team, or solo.The game begins with the spawning of the player at the transshipment base, where the required number of participants for the map is formed. When such is recruited, all are sent on a plane to the battle area. When disembarking, the player will have to find weapons, protection and additional equipment, which are numerous in the game. PUBG will delight you with a huge amount of arms: pistols, machine guns, machine guns, sniper rifles, grenades. Protection is represented by helmets and body armor of level 1-3. There are also melee weapons (machete, frying pan and mount). The map features several types of land and sea transport. The task of the player is to destroy the opponents. The more enemies you kill the more money you can earn. Are you ready to try?

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