Have you already played the mobile version of PUBG? The whole point lies in the successful concept of battle royale. Everybody starts the match in the same conditions, you and almost a hundred of other players fly in a plane with only one parachute, and then .. Then everything depends on you, and, of course, the great randomness. Hide out wherever you want, look for armor, weapons, ammunition, medicine and other useful things. You’ll never guess where to land best. There might be situations where you’re already rounding up the fifth house, with just a knife for a weapon, and a more successful dude is chasing you with a machine gun, which, of course, won’t end up good for you. Sitting in the house and camping the whole game also won’t do. After a couple of minutes the zone will begin to narrow, and each time the area where you are will become smaller and smaller. Each weapon and armor has its own characteristics. To get the best, you will have to go for airdrops (such a box falling from the plane every few minutes). But get ready that you will not be there alone. In general, be prepared that you will never be alone, a sniper may be hiding behind any bush, and an ambush in the house may be waiting for you. Therefore, playing alone is quite difficult. It is much more fun to take three more of your friends and terrify everyone else! So gather your buddies, join into a team and plunge into a thrilling combat where you can end up a dead body any second – all for the chance to become a winner in the end with unblocked version!

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