PUBG 2019

Have you already played one of the most popular multiuser game online? In PUBG, so-called “royal battles” take place, the participants of which fight among themselves, trying to hold out as long as possible and remain the last living player on the map. The last person or team of 2, 3 or 4 survivors wins the battle.

After clicking start, your character along with other players is catapulted to a small island. It is expected to unite all the participants of the battle for a minute. A maximum of 100 people can fight on one map. As soon as all users connect to the lobby, the game begins. You and other players appear on an airplane flying over a large island. Choose the most attractive place on the map and jump! Weapons, armor, medicine and energy drinks are scattered throughout the map – in homes and hangars. The more houses you can get around, the greater the chance to find a backpack, a good gun, body armor and other equipment.

One is good, but it’s better to survive with friends! You don’t necessarily have to set up a match with your own buddies – the game itself will find mates for you. Running along with someone, you get a second life: if you get shot down but nobody is near to finish you off, a partner can lift you up. You can then restore your life and plunge again into the battle. Playing as a team of four is the most fascinating thing. For example, you can take an abandoned car and, together with your squad, drive around a huge map. One of the group sits behind the wheel, while the others stick out of the windows from the passenger seats and fire back at the pursuing enemies. But enough of talking, it’s time to get to action! Play PUBG online and let out your inner soldier eager to start the fight!

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