PUBG Mobile Lite

How well you shoot? How firmly you can act in critical situations when death is breathing down your neck? How good is your tactical thinking? You can find the answers in PUBG for mobile! The legendary royal battle is now available on your smartphone. Now you don’t have to hunch over your PC, you can play your favorite shooter any place, any time! The controls have been reworked to smoothly fit the portable interface. So you won’t have any trouble running, jumping, aiming, shooting and doing the rest of things you need to do to survive on your small smartphone screen. Your goal has remained the same – killing everyone else on the island and walking out a winner. That won’t be easy since you have to defeat a total of 99 other players. Of course, many of them will die before you even get to meet them. But that means the opponents who survived will be equipped with even more dangerous and powerful weapons! Don’t miss!

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