PUBG 2 Mobile

How does the game PUBG 2 look through the eyes of a man who first launched it and got into battle? Imagine that you find yourself in a forest, there are fir trees around, and you have a wrench in your hand. You carefully go somewhere for a long time, until you find yourself in the field. Suddenly it comes to a halt that your current zone will be declared forbidden after 5 minutes. You convulsively make a review of the map, calculate the direction of movement and begin to break through the forest and shrubs like an elk through the rut. Suddenly, you notice a girl walking gently down to a motorcycle lying in a hole by the road. The girl has a rifle behind her back, but her hands are not occupied. How will you act in the place of the main character?

The answer is obvious – you will attack from the back and you will hit the key on the girl’s head until you finish her off. You may die, but if you are lucky you will get the motorcycle and the rifle. As a result, moving around different locations, destroying opponents and collecting weapons and ammunition, you will get to the final zone, where you will be awaited by evil enemies with cool guns. And here the main thing is not to be afraid and play your game, then maybe you are lucky and you will win all.

That’s about the way it happens. As soon as one game ends, you will be able to join the next match and try again to survive in such difficult conditions. And if you somehow lose the desire to fight, you can go into any current game and watch the actions of other people. This way you can quickly understand which tactics can lead to victory, and which will be a failure. Intrigued? Jump into the fight right now and see for yourself!

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