PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile

Previously unknown, Tencent Games has become famous thanks to PUBG, a game now familiar to thousands of players. Now the legendary shooter is also available on mobile devices and, while it’s not so easy to get used to the touch controls, it’s still possible to get the hang of them after a few hours of fighting. The goal is to remain the last soldier standing on the island. If you watch Hunger Games, you know the rules. Each battle begins with a plane that flies over the map. You need to jump at the right moment to get to the location you find suitable. The map is rather big, so you won’t have trouble choosing a piece of land that fits your playing style.

The visuals are high end. It’s still far from the PC level, but PUBG Mobile looks better than any other online shooter for smartphones. The thing that pleases most is the plausible ballistics. Depending on the distance, bullets will demonstrate different behavior. For instance, if the object is far away, you need to aim higher. When shooting at long distances, you see the bullet fly and collide with targets leaving its trace. It’s not often that you see such realism on mobile.

PUBG also features various kinds of transports for moving around the map. They are of key importance, since the location is surrounded by a dome keeping the players alive. Outside it, there is poisonous gas that will gradually kill you. The safe area is slowly getting narrower forcing the opponents to move closer to each other. And that’s where transport comes in handy, so don’t ignore it.

The more players you kill the higher is your chance of increasing the level once the battle is over. First you’ll probably find it rather easy to play, but after you reach level 10, you’ll face more experienced enemies. Besides, starting from that level, there will be less loot scattered throughout the area. To find a nice set of equipment, you’ll have to search a good dozen of buildings. Here it’s important to choose the right tactics. You can quickly move over the map killing everyone in your way, but in this case the chance of being shot down is also much higher. On the other hand, you can climb to the roof of a high rise apartment and finish your opponents off one by one from there without being noticed. Besides, you can team up with friends – this opens up opportunities unavailable when playing solo. PUBG Mobile is ready to welcome you into the fight, so don’t waste any more time!

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