PUBG Mobile

Probably every player online have tried their hand at PUBG. This challenging yet highly thrilling game will set you up against a hundred of other fighters to find out who’s the strongest. Succeeding in a match like that requires not only good reflexes, but also knowledge of certain gameplay peculiarities. Here are some tips to help you gain an advantage over your opponents.

The first thing you should do before dropping from an airplane is to look at the map. Do you see light points on the map along and near the trajectory of your flight? These are the most ideal places to land. Most players will strive for cities, but on the map there are a lot of other “gold mines” where you can equip yourself with everything you need. On the map itself, they may not be as noticeable as from a height. But even a seemingly simple farmhouse can be divided into five rooms, and each will have something “tasty” inside. Remember that you should close the entrance doors behind you to make it harder for other players to guess about your presence in a house or a particular area.

PUBG also hosts a quite useful feature – parkour. This is a great way to take the enemy by surprise and make your way through the landscape. To hop over anything, simply press the jump button, moving towards the obstacle. Your character can pull up and climb into windows or on roofs. This is really handy when getting to a higher position. Players can simply land on the roof of any building after parachuting. You can also climb on some sheds near the houses and get on the roof of buildings from there. This way you can surprise an enemy who is waiting to see you at the main entrance or in a narrow stairway.

Open spaces carry a lot of danger, therefore, staying inside a home in a safe area will significantly increase your chances of living longer. If the building has several floors, you can climb higher and make a good sniper point, but you need to think about the ways of retreat in this case. Sometimes it is better to jump out the window and take some damage, but to save your life. If there are many rooms in the house, you can try to close all the doors, leaving only a few of them open, in order to trap the enemy. While the enemy will try to look into the open passage, you should close the trap and attack them from behind. Hopefully, you’ll use these tips in your next match! Join PUBG online, participate in fascinating combats and fight for your name to appear on the leaderboard!

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