PUBG Mobile r

PUBG is a dynamic battle royal shooter or Battle Royale. If you watched Takeshi Kitano’s epic film of the same name, you will immediately understand what the matter is. And if not, it’s highly recommended to check it out! This Japanese director shot such masterpieces in the ethnic style that no one could repeat them. The developers of PUBG decided not to strain their brain over the setting and just took the idea of the movie. And they didn’t fail – the game will surely be popular for many years! According to the plot, the main character (that is, you) and other people, up to 100, are thrown onto an uninhabited island with a minimum set for survival. You must destroy all and stay alive, using any means at hand. And the main thing is that it’s impossible to sit in one place for too long and simply click the enemies one by one — after a certain period of time one section is covered by artillery, so you can’t stay there. As a result, the map narrows, and you are forced to retreat to safe zones. The bloodiest massacre will take place in the last zone, where the most cunning and dodgy players will meet. Check out PUBG online and learn more about this amazing game with thousands of players ready to challenge you to a death match!

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